Supply List

If you would like to send your student to school with school supplies, below is a list of items they may need. This is completely voluntary and is not required.

  • One good quality, 2″ or 3″ ring binder. YOU WILL HAVE ONLY *ONE* LARGE BINDER FOR ALL OF YOUR WORK.
  • Subject dividers (see teacher about how many you need for each subject)
  • Loose leaf, lined paper
  • 3 pens
  • 3 pencils
  • Handheld, QUIET, pencil sharpener or lead refills
  • Zipper pouch to store supplies
  • Silent reading book – YOU MUST HAVE ONE WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES
  • Planner (provided by SJMS)
  • Colored pencils (optional)
  • Glue Stick (optional)

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