FAQ and Policies

This is the section about the rules and policies in our school district.  If you don’t know what these are or you have questions, you should ask for help from a teacher, parent, or school administrator in finding out what they mean.
School Calendar
Marin Transit Services
Academic Integrity Policy
San Jose Bell Schedule
Dress Code
Disaster Preparedness
School Supply List
Academic Integrity

Homework and Academics

Need help with homework or how to find your grades?  Click on the links below to visit all sorts of helpful websites which will get you where you need to go!
Library Homework Help
Marin County Free Library
C E C Makerspace
Cornell Notes Outline
Math Department

Health and Wellness

At NUSD, we know it’s important to take good care of your mind, body, and feelings. In this section, you will find links to important websites that have tips for helping to stay safe and healthy and taking good care of yourself.
Novato Parks and Recreation
Novato Youth Center
Novato Youth Center Teen Services
Food and Nutritional Services
Coping Skills for Kids
Facebook Safety Guide
Marin County Safe Schools
Anti-Tobacco Policy


Our District has a strict no-bullying policy, because we want every student to feel like they are safe and they belong in our schools.  If you have questions about what to do about a bully, or what may or may not be bullying, you should check out the links below for help.
District Anti Bullying Policy
Facebook: Stop Bullying Speak Up
Anti-Bullying Complaint Online Form
Anti-Bullying and School Climate Page

Sports and Athletics

Are you interested in becoming a student athlete? Both high schools have many sports that students can join, and the middle schools offer track and field teams.  If you want to become a student athlete, click on the links below for more information.
Physician’s Clearance Form

Student Forms

Here is a list of important student forms that will need to be filled out when you become a student in our district.

Reflections Forms

Here are forms used for the student “Reflections” contest.
Special Artist Rules Form
Film Production Rules Form
Dance Choreography Rules Form
Photography Rules Form
Visual Arts Rules Form
Music Composition Rules Form
Official Rules
Literature Rules Form
Summary of Rules
Student Entry Form
Consent Form
Special Artist Flyer


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